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The purpose of the fund is to provide small grants to projects stemming out of the Mac Aids Fund (MAF) Leadership Initiative in South Africa as well as to support the capacity development of those projects, with the aim of promoting the development of HIV prevention activities at community level.

Applications for funding will be considered if they a) propose continuation or scale up of successful MAF Leadership Initiative prevention plan; or b) propose an appropriate new HIV prevention programme that clearly builds upon the knowledge, skills and experience gained through participation in MAF Leadership Initiative.

The initiative's broad-based objectives are to:

  • Increase the number, quality, scope and scale of innovative interventions targeting HIV and AIDS prevention, particularly those developed by the MAF Leadership Cohort
  • Improve and enhance the effectiveness of strategies aimed at HIV and AIDS and gender
  • Build the capacity of CBO's working in the areas of HIV and AIDS prevention and specifically on leadership development (in line with the activities of the MAF Leadership Cohort)
  • Strengthen links with civil society sectors in terms of responding to HIV and AIDS.

The program supports initiatives closely linked with the MAF Leadership Initiative in the following key areas:

  • Leadership development and training for community social entrepreneurs, particularly women
  • Mentoring and skills development for leaders and staff of organisations
  • Support to strategic, locally driven responses to HIV and AIDS, in the first instance those started by participants in the Leadership Cohort
  • Strengthening institutional capacity of supported organizations to implement strategic prevention responses in the context HIV and AIDS and gender.


  • Applicants must have successfully completed an HIV prevention plan under the MAF Leadership Initiative in South Africa
  • Applicants must demonstrate a community contribution either through the focus of their studies, work, volunteer time, or other community involvement
  • There must be a clear outline of the participation of women in leadership and decision making processes, as well as the specific outcomes for women in terms of empowerment and benefits
  • There must be a clear demonstration that the project is operating in an area of identified need
  • Benefits to the community must be clearly defined
  • Grants must be channelled through a registered host organisation.

The fund will support the following, subject to an appraisal by the Programme Officer and the approval of the Steering Committee:

  • Capacity building and training
  • Direct programme and activity costs such as workshops, events, exchange visits, and peer learning
  • Small infrastructure development, small items of equipment
  • Institutional costs.

The fund will not support:

  • Bursaries
  • Individual educare institutions
  • Individual entrepreneurs to establish businesses
  • Home Based Care work
  • Loans, individual or otherwise

Duration: Grants are usually issued for a specific event/activity or else for a maximum period of 12 months.

Grant amounts: The grant allocations will vary up to a maximum of R75 000.00.

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